Oil-gilded and toned ceilings and cornices, The Goring hotel, Belgravia, London. Image No. 5154-01-A
Gilded, painted and toned ceiling, games room, private residence, Berkshire. Image No. 4980-01-A
A gilded and lacquered metal leaf wall, Revolution Bar, Soho, London. Image No. 42274-01-A
Faceted artwork gilded in copper leaf, corporate reception, Marylebone, London. Image No. 5563
A moon-gilded and toned texture provides an effective background for artwork in a private residence in Vienna. Image No. 5171
Japonaiserie panels , inspired by a weeping cherry motif used on a 17th century lacquer work tray, private residence, London. Image No. 5802
Water-gilded, gesso panels with a raised design, private motor yacht. Image No. 3743-02-A
Gilded moulding detail and faux marble walls, Brasserie Zedel, London. Image No. 5712
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