How We Work

On Site

About half of our work is carried out on site by teams of from one to ten operatives. Since the early 1980’s we have developing techniques which take account of the particular problems of site work, where several trades are working in close proximity and where accidental damage can easily occur. As a result, most of our site finishes use flexible fast-drying, water-based materials which are durable, non-toxic, colour-stable and relatively easy to repair.

Studio Production

The hub of DKT’s activity is the studio, office and showroom in South-West London. Apart from being the head office, it is where design, sample production, prototyping for 3D work and much of our manufacture takes place. It is also where our double-volume work area can accommodate tall or wide murals, backdrops for exhibitions, large sculptural works and decorative fabrics.


DKT are regularly commissioned for overseas projects and have worked in many parts of the world at various levels of involvement, often combining, on a single project, studio production, on-site management, installation of artworks and providing on-site teams of artists and artisans.