Illuminated panels, subterranean swimming pool, private residence, Sorrento. Image No. 5100-03-E
Illuminated panels, private motor yacht. Image No. 5617-01-A
Illuminated artwork from Superhero narrative, private residence, Marylebone, London. Image No. 5555-01-A
Bespoke, carved and fashioned acrylic ceiling light, private motor yacht. Image No. 46661-02-J
Detail of illuminated artwork, Decorex 2008, London Image No. 1600
Backlit cast slump glass panels, Lobby, private motor yacht Image No. 5653
Curved, laser-cut, acrylic artwork formed in three layers, owner's bathroom, private motor yacht. Image No. 4747-02-Hb
Array of ceiling lights for 4 ceiling coffers, private residence, Chelsea, London. Image No. 5555-01-A
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