Olive tree artwork, upper level, private apartment, Chelsea, London Image No. 5401-01-A
Detail from large alpine scene bas relief, family chalet, Switzerland. Image No. 5153
Polished, cast plaster bas relief wall panel, detail, private motor yacht Image No. 5254
Carved and cast animal frieze, detail, private apartment, Knightsbridge, London Image No. 5734
Rose trellis modular bas relief detail, residential project, Australia. Image No.1500
Cast Stuc Pierre modular panels, detail, lounge area, Corinthia Towers hotel, Tripoli Image No. 4393-02-B
Oak trityptch bas relief, private swimming pool, The Costwolds. Image No. 5216
Hand carved black Indian marble bas relief wall panel, detail, private motor yacht. Image No. 5179
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