5555-IA-01 | Gilded floral fretwork with inlays, private motor yacht. | DESIGN: Nuvolari Lenard | PHOTO: © DKT Artworks

5477-DD-01 | Bespoke artwork including metal leaf, stucco and liquid metal finishes and gilded ceiling | DESIGN: Reymond Langton Design | PHOTO: © Breed Media

5553-05-A | Gilded liquid metal with mother of pearl and bone inlay, private motor yacht. | DESIGN: Reymond Langton Design | PHOTO: © DKT Artworks

5802-01-A | Japonaiserie panels, inspired by a weeping cherry motif used on a 17th century lacquer work tray, private residence, London. | DESIGN: Gosling Design | PHOTO: © DKT Artworks

4719-01-B | Ceiling inspired by Ottoman campaign tent, private residence, Kuwait. | DESIGN: Michael Robinson Associates. | PHOTO: © DKT Artworks

4777-01-E | Prototype for decorative metal and glass panels with inset amber, private motor yacht. | DESIGN: Donald Starkey Design | PHOTO: © DKT Artworks

2393-02-A | Trompe l’Oeil coffers to plain ceiling vaults, office foyer, City of London. | DESIGN: Whinney Mackay Lewis | PHOTO: © DKT Artworks

3562-01-E | Wall decoration, distressed paint-over-gilt Arabesques, private residence, Chelsea, London. | DESIGN: Charles Bateson | PHOTO: © DKT Artworks

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