The Company

DKT was formed in 1979 by arts graduates Niki Davies, Steve Keeling and Sean Trowbridge who were excited by the potential they saw in the decorative arts. The early 1980s were a period of re-emerging interest in this field, with DKT very much a part of the revival.

We won our first overseas contract in 1981 and opened our first workshop in 1984. We went on to consolidate our on-site expertise and considerably develop the studio aspect of our work, taking on contracts from around the world.

As other talented artists and craftspeople joined us, we developed into the much larger and adaptable workforce which remains the essence of the DKT model. Acknowledging this, in 2013 we changed our official company name from Davies Keeling Trowbridge Ltd to DKT Artworks Ltd, representing a current team of over 40 strong with in-house expertise spanning painting and sculpture, industrial design, carving, restoration, gilding, textiles, signwriting, specialist decoration, graphics, management and CAD.

We have also, essentially, built up valuable associations with like-minded, quality conscious companies in the overlapping fields of manufacturing, technology and crafts, which have greatly enhanced our scope and capabilities making us truly a Unique Creative Resource.