Gilding is the decoration of surfaces through the application of gold and other precious and non-precious metal leaf.

At DKT artworks, we have mastered this ancient and inimitable technique to produce beautiful creations, which have been incorporated in the most exclusive projects around the world.


What Gilding Techniques Do We Offer?

We offer two primary forms of gilding: water gilding and oil or acrylic based gilding. Water gilding involves flooding a perfectly smooth surface with a gelatine solution and applying the gold. The gold leaf is pulled taut as it dries and can then be polished to a high shine. Oil or acrylicbased gilding uses an adhesive called a ‘size’ to adhere the leaf to the surface. This technique produces a softer, more matt finish.

A Guide To Gilding Application

Requiring both precision and patience with no margin for error, water gilding is one of the most difficult ways to work with metal leaf. Traditionally it’s applied over items prepared with gesso and bole, then burnishedWe also use the water gilding technique on glass, in the creation of Verre Églomisé artworks and hand-gilded antique mirrors, as well as over stucco. Oil or acrylic-based gilding is generally more durable, and can be used on items of furniture and on interior and exterior architectural features.

What Types Of Leaf Do We Use?

Gilding application has broadened in recent years, with its boundaries only limited by imagination, and so has leaf production. As well as the classic precious metal, silver and gold, our palette incorporates more subtle options, such as champagne, moon, and white gold, as well as the super exclusive palladium and platinum. There are also more the more economical non-precious Dutch Metal (Brass) and Aluminium options, standing in for gold and silver. Moreover, different leaves are beaten to different levels of opacity and transparency, and can be given various level of patination and distressing, offering a wide range of texture, depth, and tone.

Noteworthy projects

Examples of our work using Gilding.

Enhance your project with Gilding

Get in touch and tell us about your project, we can advise on how to best incorporate Gilding into your scheme.

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