Surface Design and Decoration

From mosaics to handcrafted textured finishes.

At DKT Artworks we offer an unrivalled portfolio of surface design and decorative finishes. 

Our bespoke service involves techniques and materials reimagined to perfectly fit your design purpose and create unique environments.


Specialist Mosaic

We are specialists in the creation of complex mosaics. Using both direct and indirect application techniques, we can achieve high levels of precision and accuracy in creating complex patterns and aesthetic results. We often hand cut tesserae to size and shape to reach the best results, with flowing compositions quite different from those achieved using off-the-shelf square cut tiles.

Bespoke Decorative Paint Finishes

Our range of bespoke decorative paint finishes is second to none; we can produce the perfect finish to suit your interior, based on colour and texture, whether you would like it to be smooth or pitted, regular or patterned, almost flat or polished to a high sheen. Moreover, our artists have great experience in producing fantastic faux finishes, replicating materials such as wood or marble, or even “no cruelty animal effects, such as tortoise shell and shagreen.

Water-based paint finishes: The Agenda Range

As well as our extensive portfolio of bespoke paint finishes, we have developed a hand-applied, water-based paint finishes range for ease of specification: Paints are built up in thin layers to achieve subtle gradations of colour and tone. The range currently comprises four styles with pre-set colour options. Of course, should the project require bespoke colourways, these can be produced upon request.

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Papier Mâché application

In introducing the Pulp Generation range, we have reinterpreted the way of using the traditional technique of papier mâché to create distinctive and beautiful feature walls and artworks. Created by hand, using upcycled, shredded, and treated paper, these finishes are fully sustainable, taking recycling to a whole new level. Durable and versatile, with acoustic dampening properties, this is a beautiful option when creating interior environments that will truly stand out. 

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Noteworthy projects

Examples of our work using Surface Design and Decoration.

Enhance your project with Surface Design and Decoration

Get in touch and tell us about your project, we can advise on how to best incorporate Surface Design into your scheme.

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